** ERROR uploading pictures because camp internet was down for awhile today. Sorry for the inconvenience, pictures will be posted tomorrow! **

We started out the day with some fun dancing and singing at Chapel and then the children moved into field games! The field game today was Hula Launchers! The object of this game is to launch the balls into a huge hula ring.

After lunch, we had Beach Bash! Beach Bash consists of tons of fun games in and out of the water down at the beach! Many of the cabins faced off in tug-of-war battles and one cabin ended up in the big water hole. There was a sand castle contest, belly flop contest, face painting, and many other camp Wapo favorites! To end Beach Bash, a select few campers have the chance to pie their counselor in the face in front of everyone at camp! The kids always have so much fun with this!

Today was also when campers had the chance to tie-dye! There was lots of fun trying out many different colors!

On Thursday nights here at Wapo we have our Banquet. This years theme is Fiesta! We served tacos and the kids got to dress up and be escorted into dinner and got to enjoy ice cream and churros for dessert!

The night ended with our last specialty worship: Light Worship. Scenes from the story of Jesus are displayed in silhouettes by counselors behind a back lit sheet. It is a captivating and memorable presentation of the gospel for kids.

It was a full last day at camp and the kids seemed to have a great day! We look forward to seeing all the parents again tomorrow and sharing stories of the fun week we had at camp!

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