Monday Evening

After dinner, the campers got a chance to play one of Wapo’s classic games: Capture the Flag. We split all the campers into two teams and they ran around camp trying to find hidden flags without being taken to jail. Everyone had so much fun running around and getting to play a game as a whole camp!

Then we had another campfire. From there, alpha campers (4-6th graders) headed to the their cabins for night time devotions, and beta campers (7-9th graders) went to the chapel for a special worship time which focused on prayer. They were introduced to many unique ways to pray and things to pray about, such as writing letters to God, writing things you are thankful for, and praying for forgiveness.


Beta Worship



What a wonderful day we’ve had! We are so thankful for your willingness to share your kids with us this week.

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