Wapo Wednesday June 17th (Morning/ Afternoon)

Good afternoon! We started our morning off with chapel, bible studies, and field games! This afternoon, there was a chance of rain, so we postponed our beach bash until tomorrow! Instead, we played Jibberish in the chapel, which is a game where counselors have to communicate a person, place, and action to another counselor using only jibberish. We had lots of laughs! Now, it’s free time; later this evening we’ve got ice cream social, campfire, canteen, Drawn to the Word, and night game (pending good weather)!


In chapel this morning, we learned about the theme of the day, Running the Race.


In our field game, Snoodles, there are four teams. If  your white flag (at the waist) gets pulled, you are out and must wait for a teammate to save you.


If you get out, your teammate can crawl through your legs, and then you can rejoin the game!


If you grab a noodle before someone takes your flag, you can run the noodle back to your teams’ corner! The object of the game is to collect all four noodles!


We had our 1st annual Wapo Marathon today and it was definitely a success! We had two final finishers that ran almost 5 miles!


They’re off!


Here’s one of our final finishers, Matt! Way to go!


And here’s Gracie, our other final finisher! Way to go, Gracie!


At the beach, the campers had a buddy check and thought they saw fog across the lake, but it was the rain! A little rain didn’t stop our free time fun though…


After less than 10 minutes of downpour, the rain let up!