Wapo Monday June 22nd (Morning)

Good morning all! Our morning started off with a lot of wind and rain, but that hasn’t stopped the fun! We had breakfast, chapel, bible study, indoor games, and lunch already today! Since it was raining this morning, we played two indoor games, Jibberish and Do Your Thing! We had a lot of fun! This afternoon, we have swim tests and free time! Later we’ll play Capture the Flag, have canteen time, campfire, and Beta Worship (7th-9th grade campers). We’ve got a busy schedule ahead of us! Hopefully the weather holds out!


At chapel this morning, we sang “The Fruit of the Spirit”… ♫The fruit of the spirit’s not a watermelon, it’s love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control …♫


We had lots of laughs in Jibberish, where five counselors and church staff had to pass on a message to one another using only jibberish! This time they had to act out Patrick Star at the White House accidentally eating a ghost pepper!


Brice, from Our Savior’s East Bethel, played Jibberish with our counselors this morning!


It was fun to see how much the message changed as it was passed on from one person to another!