Wapo Tuesday June 23rd (Evening)

Another fun day comes to end at Wapo…This evening, we had an all camp game (Chip Noodle Game), canteen time, campfire, and finally Drama Worship!


During the Chip Noodle Game, campers had to race around camp to collect seven different colored chips. While the game is played individually, they turn the chips in to gain points for their entire cabin!



But be careful, if a counselor tags you with a noodle, you have to sit down and wait for a medic!


It was fun to play this game all across camp!


At campfire, we sang and danced and worshiped God!


One of the counselors, Kelsey, spoke at campfire tonight about how God works in our lives even when we don’t see it… An important reminder for all of us!


♫Come to me, I am the Comforter…♫



To end the night, our counselors performed Drama Worship, which told the story of Emily and Joey and their adventures learning about the fruits of Spirit.

It’s been a fun and busy day… now it’s time for cabin devotions and lights out!