Wapo Wednesday June 24th (Morning/ Afternoon)

Good afternoon! We started our morning off with chapel, bible studies, and field games! This afternoon, we had our Beach Bash, and we had beautiful weather! At Beach Bash, campers could choose to participate in various games and activities at the beach.  Now, it’s free time where there are two special activities: Wapo marathon and the GAGA tournament! Later this evening we’ve got ice cream social, campfire, canteen, Drawn to the Word, and night game! There’s a lot of fun in store for us tonight!


At chapel this morning, we learned about the story of the Good Samaritan!


And rocked some cool dance moves!


At field games, we played a dodgeball style game, Medic!


He was ready to take on the other team!


So was he!


We also played Snoodles, a game where there are four different teams trying to collect all four colored noodles!


Snoodles was lots of fun!


At Beach Bash, one of our games was the “Cup Destruction Challenge” where campers tried to knock over a pyramid of cups in order to win chips! If they won a chip, they could send their counselor to the beach shower, to the beach dance floor, or to the canoe to sink!


Some campers decided to take out the boats during Beach Bash too!


Here, you could play rock paper scissors against a counselor! If you win, you can pour a cup of water on them, but if you lose, they get to pour a cup of water on you!


Here are some of our counselors getting sunk in a canoe by some campers!


A few lucky campers received a pie at Beach Bash, which they could pie their counselor with!