Wapo Thursday June 25th

Good evening everyone! We wrapped up our last night of camp! This week has gone by so fast! We had a busy day filled with chapel, field games, bible study, free time, banquet, masterpiece, canteen time, campfire, and finally light worship! Campers are spending their final night with their cabins and counselors!


Today’s theme is “Stumbling in the Race”, so our skit this morning was about a fish (Nemo) who decided to run away from his dad. Eventually, Nemo realized he had made a mistake and came home just like the prodigal son story in the Bible.


Our field game this afternoon was Hula Launchers! Campers have to retrieve these balls and launch them across the field into a giant net. While this is going on, there is also a game of dodgeball going on. It’s a fun time!


Launching the ball across the field takes intense focus!


Watch out, that you don’t get hit by a dodgeball!


Yeah Hula Launchers!


We had a lot of fun dressing up for banquet tonight!


Stylin’ guys!


At Masterpiece, the counselors performed silly skits for the kids!


We laughed and laughed…


…at the crazy things our counselors did!


We had a great time singing and dancing at our last campfire! ♫…Gonna sing, gonna sing, gonna sing before the altar of the Lord…♫


♫…Let my light shine bright through the night and through the day, all the way for You, yeehaw!…♫


Our worship service tonight was Light Worship. Light Worship uses silhouettes to tell stories. Our light worship this year is about Paul and the early church, and it is based on the book of Acts. It was a great way to wrap up our week on the Amazing Race!

We look forward to seeing the families and friends tomorrow! Closing worship is at 1 at the main campfire! See you then!