Wapo Monday July 6th (Morning/ Afternoon)

Good afternoon everyone! It’s been quite a rainy day so far, but that hasn’t stopped the fun! In the morning we had chapel, indoor games, Bible study and cabin time! After lunch we had our first free time! During free time, campers can choose from a number of activities such as GAGA, Nine Square, Art Shop, Canteen, Wapo Shoppo, and Carpetball. The beach was closed today due to the rainy and cold weather so we’ll take our swim tests tomorrow and the beach will be open during tomorrow’s free time!


We had a blast singing and dancing at chapel this morning! ♫…Yes Lord yes Lord yes yes Lord!♫ Our theme for today is “Called to the Race”! Our skit and speaker during chapel were centered on how we are all called to the race and follow Jesus.


During indoor games, these counselors competed in a lip sync battle and sang the song “Breaking Free” from High School Musical!

We had quite a laugh at the silly things the counselors did during indoor games!

We had quite a laugh at the silly things the counselors did during indoor games!


A little drizzle of rain didn’t stop our campers from filling up the GAGA pits…


…the Air Square courts…


…the carpet ball tables…


…the Nine Square courts…


…the Art Shop…


… or the Canteen line!


These girls were serious about their canteen purchases…. “What do you think your families will say when they see how much candy you bought?” “Way to go, girls!”


Some campers and counselors also created a game during free time called “Mooshka”! You have to hit the ball off the cone with the noodle, spin around three times, and then run around the Art Shop! It was quite a creative game and they had a lot of fun playing it!

Stay tuned for another blog post this evening with a wrap up of our day!