Wapo Tuesday July 7th (Morning/ Afternoon)

Good afternoon families! It’s been a sunny and beautiful day here at Camp Wapo! This morning we had chapel, Bible study, and outdoor field games (yahoo)! In the afternoon, the Alpha campers (4th-6th grade) attended Critters and Company and were able to see animals from many habitats such as a wallaby, a tortoise, a hedgehog, and a boa constrictor. After that, we finally got to take our swim tests! Now it’s free time until dinner!


We love singing and dancing with our counselors at chapel!


Today at field games, we played a Camp Wapo classic, “Mighty Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge”!


In Mighty Mighty, the object of the game is to retrieve all the objects and get them to your side of the field without getting tagged by a member of the other team!



If you get tagged by the other team, you have to wait for one of your teammates to come and rescue you! Once you get rescued, you hold that persons hand and skip back to your side of the field!


What a beautiful day for Mighty Mighty!


This is the wallaby we met during Critters and Company!


Let’s go!!!! He’s ready to take on swim tests!


A little cold water didn’t stop these girls!


These guys swam the perimeter of the swim area! They’re ready to take on the treading water portion of the test!


Swim tests was a blast!