Wapo Wednesday July 8th (Evening)

It’ s the end of a fun-filled day four of camp! Our special activities during free time were a blast! We had several participants that ran in the Wapo Marathon, and lots of campers participate in the GAGA tournament! This evening we had ice-cream social, Alpha and Beta campfire, canteen, and Drawn to the Word, which is a worship service where Paul Oman paints a picture of a bible story. This week, his daughter, Kelsey, joined him! After Drawn to the Word, the Beta campers played the night game as well!


We love singing and dancing at campfire…


…especially with our counselors by our side!


At our Beta campfire, we heard a message from one of the counselors, Christy, who talked to us about the power of prayer and how she had experienced that power in her own life!


These songs bring us together!


The pictures that Paul and Kelsey painted tonight were spectacular!


These guys from Salem dominated the night game tonight!