Wapo Wednesday July 22nd (Morning/ Afternoon)

Good afternoon! Today’s theme is “Running the Race” of faith! We started our morning off with chapel, bible studies, and field games! This afternoon, we had beautiful weather for our Beach Bash! At Beach Bash, campers could choose to participate in various games and activities at the beach.  Now it’s free time and there are two special activities: the Wapo marathon and the GAGA tournament! Later this evening we’ve got ice cream social, campfire (split campfire for Alpha and Beta campers), canteen, and Drawn to the Word! There’s a lot of fun in store for us tonight!


♫ I’ll sing for all that You’ve done for me.. ♫


At field games today, we played Snoodles!


During Snoodles, you work with your team to steal all the noodles and retrieve them without getting your flag pulled!


No worries if you get your flag pulled, a teammate can rescue you by crawling under your legs!


Our beach was packed today at Beach Bash!


It was a perfect day to take out a kayak!


At one Beach Bash game, campers played rock paper scissors against a counselor. If they beat the counselor, they got to pour water on them!Careful though, if you lose, they get to pour water on you!


Campers also played Noodle Javelin, where they had to throw a pool noodle into a hula hoop!


Some campers worked on some lovely sand creations!


A few lucky campers even got to pie their counselor at the end of Beach Bash!