Wapo Monday July 27th (Morning/ Afternoon)

Good afternoon everyone! It’s a beautiful, sunny day at camp! In the morning we had chapel, field games, Bible study and cabin time! After lunch we had swim tests and our first free time! During free time, campers can choose from a number of activities such as GAGA, Nine Square, Art Shop, Canteen, Wapo Shoppo, Carpetball and the beach! We’ve got a busy evening ahead… Stay tuned for another blog post this evening!


This morning at chapel, we learned about today’s theme, which is “Called to the Race”! Our skit and speaker during chapel were centered on how we are all called to the race and to follow Jesus.


It was fun to learn some new songs and dances!


After chapel, we got our facepaint on for field games. It was the blue team!


versus the red team!


We played a classic Camp Wapo game of Mighty Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge!


In Mighty Mighty, the object of the game is to retrieve all the objects and get them to your side of the field without getting tagged by a member of the other team!


Campers raced across the field to get objects such as noodles, footballs, and gator balls.


You had to be quick in order to avoid getting tagged!


If you get tagged by the other team, you have to wait for one of your teammates to come and rescue you! Once you get rescued, you hold that persons hand and skip back to your side of the field!


It was a lot of fun!




We also had swim tests this afternoon and learned all about the rules as well as the fun options at the beach including the raft, the water trampoline, the slide, and boats!


These guys did an awesome job on their swim test!


If you get a green band, you can swim anywhere in the swim area and take a boat out by yourself!


It was a perfect day for a swim!