Wapo Sunday July 26th

Hello everyone! It’s been a busy first night here at Wapo! After registration, campers met with their cabins, ate dinner, played icebreaker games, and had their first Bible study. Afterwards, they were introduced to the rest of the camp staff including the counselors, the First Aid staff, the Waterfront staff, the Canteen staff, and the Art Shop staff. Next, the campers participated in Alpha (4th-6th grade) or Beta (7th-9th grade) Activity. We ended the night with a campfire!


♫…Don’t you know He’s a radical God?…♫ The entire staff sang “Radical God” for the campers.


All Camp Photo (July 26th-31st, 2015)


For the Beta (7th-9th grade) activity, the campers raced to unwrap a clue hidden in saran wrap.


After unwrapping the clue, they had to go to nine different stations and compete in silly challenges like this one! Campers had to move a cracker from their forehead to their mouth without using their hands!


It was a tough but hilarious challenge!


At this station, campers had to complete a water balloon relay without using their hands!


In the end, it was the girls from Crossfire 407-408 that won Beta Activity! Nice job ladies!


During the Alpha activity, the Alpha cabins competed in the Human Scavenger Hunt. Each cabin had to compete in a series of challenges like make origami, hum a song, impersonate a famous person, create a photo pose, etc.


In the end, there was a tie between two cabins! We had a tiebreaker dance off between Crossfire 305/306 and Andersen Hall 101/102!


They both had some hilarious dance moves!


But in the end, it was the ladies from Crossfire 305/306 that won Alpha Activity! Congrats, girls!


It was a beautiful night for our first campfire!


We are already having a blast with our new cabin friends and counselors!


It’s going to be a great week!


Tonight we introduced this week’s theme of #amazingrace! Jesus calls us all to an Amazing Race of faith, which we’ll be learning about all week!

Now it’s time for cabin devotions and lights out! Goodnight families and friends!