Wapo Tuesday July 28th (Evening)

Good evening families and friends! We finished up another full day at Wapo! We are having a lot of fun! It was a hot, sunny day today, so at free time, many campers decided to go to the beach, the slip n’ slide, or play water gaga! What fun ways to stay cool in this hot, summer weather! After dinner, we had Servant Fair, which is an opportunity for the counselors to serve the campers through different stations such as washing hair, telling riddles, braiding hair, painting faces, and painting nails. After Servant Fair, we had canteen time, campfire, and Drama Worship! Now it’s time for cabin devotions and lights out!


It was a great time getting your hair washed at Servant Fair!


It was all smiles for this guy!


Campers could also get their feet washed!


These girls got some awesome face paint!


He wanted his hair styled as “eagle wings”… Counselor Erik tried his best! What do you think?


Guess who did her facepaint? (Her counselor Dani!)


It’s been a blast singing and dancing with our awesome counselors!


It’s fun to sing these songs!


♫…Oh the fruit of the Spirit’s not a watermelon… it’s love joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control…♫




To end the night, our counselors performed in Drama Worship, which told the story of Emily and Joey and their adventures learning about the fruits of Spirit.