Wapo Wednesday July 29th (Evening)

It’ s the end of another awesome day of camp! Our special activities during free time were a blast! We had several participants that ran in the Wapo Marathon, and lots of campers participated in the GAGA tournament! This evening we had ice-cream social, Alpha and Beta campfire, canteen time, and Drawn to the Word! Drawn to the Word is a creative worship service led by Paul Oman, who paints a picture of a Bible story! This worship brings the Word to life!


At ice cream social, two cabins spontaneously faced each other in a sing off! It was a girls cabin versus


a guys cabin! They sang and danced to tons of awesome songs!


During the Chip Noodle Game, campers had to race around camp to collect seven different colored chips from hidden counselors! While the game is played individually, they turn the chips in to gain points for their entire cabin!


But be careful, if a counselor tags you with a noodle, you have to sit down and wait for a medic! The medic might make you do something silly before you are allowed to play in the game again!


We had an awesome time…


running around camp!


We had a split campfire tonight- Alpha and Beta. It was awesome to switch it up a little bit!


Paul created an amazing work of art for us tonight!

Now it’s time for cabin devotions… and lights out!