Wapo Sunday August 9th

Hello everyone! It’s been a busy first night here at Wapo! After registration, campers met with their cabins, ate dinner, played icebreaker games, and had their first Bible study. Afterwards, some of our campers participated in a “Human Scavenger Hunt”. For the Human Scavenger Hunt, each cabin had to complete a series of challenges such as creating a photo pose, performing air guitar, demonstrating a human talent, etc. Our confirmation campers attended the first session with their church staff! After that, we had our first campfire! It was a fun time singing and dancing to both new and familiar songs!


Here was the photo pose from Salem!


This was the photo pose from Crossfire 303/304!


We had a lot of fun singing and dancing when our counselors were competing in the lip sync challenge!


This guy had some awesome air guitar moves!


He had some awesome moves, but in the end, she won!


At the end, there was a tiebreaker between three cabins. The cabins had to make up a 45 improv play… these guys were hilarious!


In the end, it was the ladies from Crossfire 305/306!


Campfire time!


What an awesome first night!

Now it’s time for cabin devotions and lights out!