Wapo Tuesday August 11th (Afternoon/ Evening)

It’ s the end of another awesome day of camp! During free time today, we had a basketball tournament, which was a lot of fun! This evening we played an all camp game (Chip Noodle Game), had canteen time, campfire, and Drawn to the Word! Drawn to the Word is a creative worship service where campers see a Bible story  come to life through painting!


These guys won the basketball tournament today! Nice job guys!


During the Chip Noodle Game, campers had to race around camp to collect seven different colored chips from hidden counselors! While the game is played individually, they turn the chips in to gain points for their entire cabin!


Counselors were hidden all over camp!


But be careful, if a counselor tags you with a noodle, you have to sit down and wait for a medic!


 The medic might make you do something silly before you are allowed to play in the game again!


We saw a skit tonight about clothing ourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, etc. as a way to train for the race of faith!


Paul painted quite a masterpiece tonight at Drawn to the Word! His painting depicts Moses parting the Red Sea.