Seeds: Saturday, July 23rd

What a day!

Our morning started off with a warm, tasty french toast breakfast with bacon! Afterwords we went right into worship on the beach and learned some more awesome camp songs.  In worship we saw a skit about always thanking God in prayer which lead us into our morning Bible study on the story of the 10 lepers who Jesus healed.  After Bible study we played Gaga, 9-Square, made beaded necklaces, pinwheels, and perused the camp store, Wapo Shoppo.

Just as we headed into lunch the sky darkened and the rains came and stayed all the way through dinner.  Uffda!  But we prevailed and had just as much fun!  We played ships and sailors, human scavenger hunt, and had a dance party!  We watched part of a movie and then played a silly game called “gibberish”.

After supper the skies cleared and we had Bible study on the “Ask, Knock, Seek” story.  Then we played Trench and Chapel Quest and entered into our Servant Fair where the kids received hand massages, challenged counselors to arm wrestling, got their fingernails painted, and had all-around good fun.

Our evening was spent at the campfire ring and eating s’mores!