Seeds: Friday night July 29th

Wow! What an amazing  first night at camp!

We started the evening with delicious push-pops and the infamous Seeds Showcase, featuring crazy counselors and hilarious skits. A crowd favorite was Gibberish, where four counselors tried to act out a silly sentence while only being allowed to speak nonsense. You could say there were a lot of laughs!

After Showcase, the campers played a huge game of Ships Across the Ocean and had an absolute blast.

The campers concluded their first night with a beautiful campfire at Lindsey Beach. They sang songs like Psalm 150 (TRUM-PET SOOOUND) and Light the Fire. The kids were then treated to another heartfelt skit– The Hug Machine– all about being yourself and spreading God’s love! Then it was time for night medications,  devotionals, and lights out!

What a fun-filled evening!

We apologize for the lack of pictures; we have been experiencing some technical difficulties. Many photos to come later today.