Seeds: 30 July 2016

We solved our technical problems and finally have some pictures for you to view! Only a small selection of the pictures we took today are uploaded here. To see the rest, visit the Camp Wapo Smug Mug website.

We had a fun-filled evening, after Beach Bash we filled up on snacks, candy and slushies at the canteen, and played some more games! Being out in the sun all afternoon was tiring, so we took a break indoors to cool off, eat dinner and re-hydrate. After dinner we had our second bible study and talked about the text from Luke 11:9 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” From bible study we went down to the soccer field to play the infamous game, Mighty Might Scoop Noodle Challenge! Following that was an all camp activity called Servant Fair in which the counselors serve the campers in fun, goofy ways like face-painting, shaving cream hair-do’s, hand massages, hair washing and more! After that our nighttime schedule consisted of campfire, s’mores, night meds and devotions!

We’re super excited to see what the last day of camp brings!