Seeds: Saturday July 30th

We woke this morning to a beautiful day and started with a camp favorite: french toast sticks and bacon!

After our delicious breakfast we headed to chapel where we sang and danced to some great tunes! We learned about being bold in our faith through the song  Be Bold and how God is our ROCK through The Rock.

Next we headed to our first bible study where we learned to thank God for the little things in life. We made blessing flowers where each petal displayed something we were thankful for like camp, family, and friends!

We continued with some fun games and craft rotations and had some time to shop at the Wapo Shoppo. We made cross necklaces and pinwheels, and learned how to play two famous camp games; Nine Square and GaGa!

Then we had a big lunch that satisfied our tummy’s for our Beach Bash! We splashed and sunk our counselors in canoes, challenged other cabins to tug-of-war, and enjoyed the gorgeous weather we had.