11 August 2016- Thursday Morning

Good afternoon! Today is our last full day of camp and we’ve been having so much fun! We started the morning with chapel, had field games, had a party at the beach, and then had some free time! Let’s take a look:


This morning the kids had great energy at chapel!




Look at that joy!



The fields were a little wet when it was time for field games so we played a game called gibberish in the chapel! The counselors acted out a person, place, and action that was picked by the kids, but the best part is they can only speak gibberish, no words!



After lunch we had beach bash! There was tug of war, swimming, and lots of beach games!


These boys entered into a sand building contest and built an awesome creation!



This is a game called extreme rock, paper, scissors that allows the campers to dump water on their counselors head…or vise versa!


Once beach bash was over, we headed into some free time! These kids are playing table tennis!


The craft of the day at the art shop was tie dye! Cool!


Now is banquet and all the boys and girls look so nice in their dress clothes! The theme is Summer Olympics and we are having tacos! Later we have masterpiece, a show full of skits the counselors put on! You’ll be happy to hear the kids are having a blast this week! Check back later for another blog post!