18 August 2016- Thursday Morning and Afternoon

Hi friends and families of Wapo campers! Today is already our last full day at camp and boy did it fly by! We had a blast today at chapel, field games, beach bash, and free time! Here’s some photos from our day:


Here we’re singing Days of Elijah and getting energy by doing fun actions!




At field games this morning we played hula launchers, a game of catapulting balls into a net to gain the most points!



For the last full day at camp we had a party at the beach and played wet and dry activities such as noodle javelin, extreme rock, paper, scissors, tug of war, sand building, and a belly flop contest!


These kids played games to win tokens and get enough collected to send their counselors to be sunk in a canoe!


At free time some chose to paddle board or kayak on this beautiful day!


At the art shop during free time the craft of the day was tie dye!



Some hung at the art shop and relaxed with some friends! 

We are now spending some time at the beach and the confirmation kids have their afternoon session. Soon we have the banquet and get to dress up and eat a nice dinner! Check back tonight to see more!