Wednesday Evening June 21

Good Evening! We’ve finished another fun filled day at Camp Wapo! This afternoon, we had free time.  Everyone was outside enjoying the beautiful weather!  There was a gaga tournament and the craft of the day was beadie buddies.

After free time, it was dinner time and then we played Chip Noodle. The object of Chip Noodle is to run around camp and collect seven tokens while avoiding counselors with noodles.  Big Lodge won Chip Noodle tonight and got to go in line first for canteen!

After Chip Noodle, we had canteen time and campfire.

Tonight, we had a specialty worship, Drawn to the Word.  Paul Oman comes in and paints a picture from a Bible story while staff provide background music and scripture.  It’s incredible!

After Drawn to the Word, we sent 4th-6th graders to devotions and then bed.  7th-9th graders stayed up and played the night game.

It’s been a long day, jam packed with activities and fun.  Now it’s time for bed to rest for another day! See you tomorrow!