Monday Morning/Afternoon June 27

Good Afternoon!  We’ve had a great day so far!  We started off with breakfast and chapel.  In chapel, we watched a skit about today’s theme, Fear of the Storms.

After chapel, we had Bible study and field games.  Today we played Gladiator, Snoodles, and Noodle Standoff.

Then we had lunch and quiet time.  Next we moved into free time. During the first half of free time there was a basketball tournament.  Congratulations to our 4th-6th grade champions, the Crushers, and our 7th-9th grade champions, the Buckets!


We also had some campers find the Wapo Medallion today! Every week, we hide the medallion and give campers clues to find it.  Whoever finds it get a prize from the canteen! Congrats ladies!

Now it’s dinner time! After dinner 7th-9th graders will head out to Ox Lake to do Low Ropes.  4th-6th graders will stay at Wapo and participate in Servant Fair!