Tuesday Evening June 27

Good Evening! We’ve just finished up another awesome day at camp! After dinner we sent 7th-9th graders out to Ox Lake to do Low Ropes.  4th-6th graders stayed at camp and participated in Servant Fair.  Servant Fair is a time where counselors get to serve their campers through a variety of activities such as hair braiding, hair washing, foot washing, face painting, shaving cream hair, hydration station, decorating verses, brain teasers, hair cuts (just one hair, don’t worry), and nail painting.

After Servant Fair it was time for Canteen.  Campers could get candy or hang out and play games.

Then it was time for campfire.  We sang songs, watched a skit, and listened to a speaker. Tonight Mykaela spoke about fear in the storms, today’s theme.

After 7th-9th graders returned from Low Ropes, they separated into campfires. Girls went to the main campfire while boys went to Bethany campfire.  They engaged in a reflective time of worship.

Now it’s time to get rested for another great day of camp! Good night!