Seeds: Friday July 14th

What a beautiful afternoon and evening we’ve had with these spunky Seeds campers!

When all were here and accounted for, the cabins started to get to know one another by making bunk tags, playing some mingling games, and eating dinner together. After dinner we dove right into our first Bible study from Joshua 1, where we learned about how Joshua became the leader of the Hebrew people after Moses passed away. Because of God’s guidance and Joshua’s obedience, he was able to lead his people without fear!

Bible study ended and we went to “Seeds Showcase”; a time where the Seeds counselors perform some super silly skits. There were many laughs and smiles!

After a fun game of Ships Across the Ocean, we ended our evening with a roaring campfire–singing new songs and praising the Lord in the great outdoors!

The campers are getting ready for bed and night time devotions. We can’t wait until tomorrow!