Sunday July 16

Good Evening! We’ve just finished up the first day of camp! It was a lot of fun! After campers got checked in, they found their cabins and did ice breakers.  Then it was time for dinner and Bible study.

After Bible study it was time for staff introductions. We also took the all camp photo!

Then it was time for Alpha (4th-6th graders) and Beta (7th-9th graders) activities.  4th-6th graders went to stations around camp and did different activities.

7th-9th graders participated in a scavenger hunt where they raced to find a secret final location.  What a blast!

Then it was time for campfire.  We sang songs and watched a skit.  Our camp director, Luke, spoke tonight about the theme of the week, Fearless.

Campers are currently finishing up with devotions and heading to bed to get rested for our first full day of camp! Good Night!