Wednesday Evening July 19

Good Evening!  We’ve just finished up another awesome day at camp! After dinner we played an all camp game of Chip Noodle.  The object of this game is to collect seven chips from seven different locations around camp while avoiding counselors with noodles.  It’s a hoot!

Then it was time for canteen and campfire.  We sang songs and watched a skit a campfire.  Mykaela spoke to us about today’s theme Fear of Judgement.

After campfire we had a specialty worship, Drawn to the Word.  During this time a local artist, Paul Oman creates a masterpiece based on a Bible story while staff provide background music.  It’s a new way to experience worship through art.

After Drawn to the Word 4th-6th graders went to devotions while 7th-9th graders participated in a night game.  Currently cabins are in bed getting rested for another great day at camp! Good Night!