Thursday Morning/Afternoon July 27

Good Afternoon! We’ve had another lovely day at camp! This morning after breakfast we went to chapel where we sang songs and watched a skit!

Then it was time for Bible study and field games. Today we played two dodgeball-esque games, Hula Launchers and Exploding Enchiladas!  It was a lot of fun!

After field games we went to lunch. Then it was time for Beach Bash.  During Beach Bash all of camp goes down to the beach and has a party!  Campers can play games like Rock, Paper, Scissors Extreme, Noodle Toss, and Tug-of-War or participate in activities like face painting, dunking your counselor, a sand castle contest, a belly flop contest, boating, or swimming.  At the end of Beach Bash all the counselors line up on the beach and a few lucky campers get the opportunity to “pie” their counselors with whipped cream! What a hoot!

After Beach Bash we had free time. Today the craft of the day was Tie-Dye!

We’ve just finished up with dinner and are getting ready to finish up the day with our last campfire!