Seeds: Saturday Afternoon 7/29

Beach bash was a blast! It was a quintessential summer day, with clear skies, warm sand, and refreshing water. The kids splashed, built sand castles, and climbed all over the counselors in the water. They also played fun games on the beach like “drip drip drop”, “rock paper scissors splash”!

Later on we had our afternoon rotations where we rotated between 9-square, Medic, & Canteen.  Of course we loved canteen and all the slushies! It definitely was an eventful afternoon!

After our dinner of chicken strips and mashed potatoes we went into our final Bible study, this time looking at 1 John 4 which speaks of Jesus’ unwavering love for us, and how we should strive to love others the same way.

When the Bibles were put away we went into our two evening activities: Servant Fair (where we served the kids by painting their nails and faces, braiding hair and tons of other fun things) and Mighty Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge (everyone’s favorite game!).

Finally we headed to evening campfire, which ended in ooey gooey s’mores! The campers then had evening devotions and prayers, and are now fast asleep!