Tuesday Evening August 8

Good Evening! We’ve just finished up another excellent day at camp! After dinner we sent 7th-9th graders out to another one of our sites, Ox Lake.  At Ox Lake they participated in a low ropes challenge course as well as team building exercises.  After completing these activities, they had canteen.

Meanwhile back at Wapo, 4th-6th graders were participating in Servant Fair.  During this time counselors have the opportunity to serve campers through a variety of activities such as hair washing, hair braiding, shaving cream hair, hydration station, face painting, decorating a verse, paper pets, gaga, and brain teasers.  It’s a blast!

Then 4th-6th graders headed to canteen and campfire.  Tonight we sang songs and watched a skit. Sandra spoke to us about today’ theme, Fear of the Storms.

4th-6th graders then started devotions as 7th-9th graders returned from Ox Lake.  Since 7th-9th graders weren’t able to be at the 4th-6th graders campfire, they had their own campfires.  For these campfire we split in a girls and boys campfire.

Currently cabins are finishing up devotions and heading to bed.  Good Night!