Thursday Morning/Afternoon August 17

Good Morning! We’ve had a great day so far! This morning after breakfast we went to chapel where we sang songs and watched a skit!

Then it was time for Bible study and field games.  Today we played Exploding Enchiladas and Four-Way Medic! It was a blast!

Next we had lunch and a cold and rainy Beach Bash.  Beach Bash is a time where all campers go to the beach and have a huge party! Campers can choose from a lot of activities such as face painting, tug of war, noodle javelin, boating, swimming, a belly flop contest, a sand castle building contest and Frisbee toss.  Campers can also play certain games to earn tokens to sink their counselors in a canoe, send them to dance floor, or send them to the showers.  At the end of Beach Bash a few lucky campers get to “pie” their counselors with whipped cream! Though it was colder, the kids still loved swimming and playing the games!

Next it was time for Free Time.  Today the craft of the day was Tie-Dye! We also had a Nine-Square Tournament.  Congratulations to everyone who participated!

Currently we are finishing up Free Time and getting ready for Banquet!